Her Body

Fictional Kevin

Gated Wooded Body Dump

He needed to move her body.

The thought had plagued him for two weeks now. Two weeks since she had him over for a nightcap after the movie. Two weeks since she had laughed at his fumbling sexual advance. Two weeks since he had choked the laughter out of her as he watched her eyes pale.

It took longer than he expected. His hands still remembered the ache. She should have known better than to disrespect him. To make him angry like that.

Now she was just a body. And a problem.

Once his rage subsided, he devised an emergency plan. While he had plotted and planned killing often – usually for his stories – this had not been premeditated and he had no plan.

He unscrewed the light in the garage, opened the door. Nobody around at 2am. The trees made it hard to see from the road anyway…

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