Mystery Mondays: Interview with Anna Celeste Burke


10021301Today I have the pleasure to introduce one of my favourite mystery writers and a very good friend, Anna Celeste Burke. Welcome back to my blog. Please tell my readers, what type of crime fiction do you write and why?

I write mystery fiction that most regard, these days, as “cosy mystery.”   Adult themes, of course, but no graphic violence or explicit sex, and little or no profanity. The stories I have authored vary a great deal in terms of story length, how light-hearted they are, and in their level of suspense. All include a dash of humour and romance. I prefer to write mysteries that drift toward the lighter side of the continuum because I find that I have more fun writing them. I do enjoy reading thrillers, too, though, and may yet take my writing in that direction.

Did anyone influence or encourage you to become a writer?

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