Dark-Veiled Foul Hag: Lady Ragnell Speaks. Foliate Man Part Two

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


Cursed! Crouched in crunching bones and cruelly deformed face! Left, at the whim of a power greater than I, to limp haltingly through the Enchanted Forest, searching for a true and chivalrous knight.

Ah! But the loathsome irony of it all! That I, Lady Ragnell – accounted so beautiful in days gone by – should now be so reduced by Fey interference that even the act of glimpsing my visage in a moonlit pool brings tears and bitterness in equal measure. And, to feel the Spear hit its mark ever-more nastily, the knowledge that the magical conundrum visited upon me is impossible to answer correctly.

Call me vain, if you will – for, yes, I will freely admit that the glowing fall of my burnished hair gave me deep pleasure, as did the perfect dimensions of my fashionably pale body, with its curves and undulations and dips and hollows –…

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