‘Smoke and Gold’ by Pauline Suett Barbieri #TuesdayBookBlog #BookReview @SuettPauline

Alison Williams Writing

Rosie's Book Review team 1

I reviewed ‘Smoke and Gold’ for Rosie’s Book Review Team.

Rowena Culloden, a young English girl, and her mother from Liverpool are visiting Amsterdam on holiday in 1972. Whilst having tea in a small French café on the edge of the Red Light District, they are joined by a mysterious but friendly stranger. They have a long chat together. 

Some years later, her mother dies and while Rowena is studying for her Art Degree, she keeps coming across references which remind her of the stranger. Where was the factory where he worked and supposedly repaired a diamond? Round the corner from the café? Which corner? Why was he dressed as if he lived in the 18th century? How could he know so much about how Rembrandt mixed his oils? Did he say he spoke nine languages? Who was this man? She asked herself almost every day.

Could he really be…

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