U is for the Utilities #atozchallenge


2016-04-17 16.02.42 So what’s this within a few feet of St Paul’s?

Now please don’t ignore this, just for the title. You see I find the services that keep a city like London going completely fascinating. At its most basic we need water and we need to rid ourselves of waste. I will have a look at some of the services, some of the iconic and extraordinary structures we have in London. There are plenty more than these examples.

2016-03-16 15.17.46

In E is for the Embankment London’s true hero Sir Joseph Bazelgette had an airing since the Embankment exists, at least in part to house the sewerage pipes that take the crap down river until the tide turns and it could be washed out to sea.

2016-04-23 13.44.35 the underside of the 90 inch sewage pipes as hey head out of east london

Today Thames Water are building the Tideway tunnel, a huge piece of…

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