An Interview with Tim Atkinson, author of The Glorious Dead

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glorious dead

Photo courtesy of The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

via Tim Atkinson

Regular readers of Linda’s Book Bag will know that I’m obsessed by WW1 following my grandfather’s involvement, injuries and blinding during the Battle of the Somme. When I was told about a new novel by Tim Atkinson, The Glorious Dead, based in the aftermath of the Great War and with an unusual route to publication, I had to find out more.

The Glorious Dead

What happened when the Great War ended and the guns stopped firing? Who cleared the battlefields and built the great monuments to the fallen? And why did so many men who served – and survived – in France and Flanders end up living and working among the ruins of the war they’d fought?

The Glorious Dead is the fictional story of a group of soldiers who remained in France and Flanders following the Armistice…

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