Leaf and Flame: The road north

The Silent Eye

leaf and flame 007

I know I have to start the story at the beginning… yet when I think of the personal highlights of the Silent Eye’s Leaf and Flame workshop, my mind jumps all over the place, from one special moment to another, from hugs to a headless man, from what sounded like a menagerie of maenads to the silence of meditation… and all to the beat of a drum that has not left me since the first Fox flare lit the night.

But the weekend really started a long time ago, with Stuart and a friend throwing around the idea of using the story of Gawain and the Green Knight as the basis for a workshop. A year ago, after our ritual foray into ancient Egypt with the River of the Sun, we had been talking about that on the way to our monthly meeting. “You two should do the next workshop,”…

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