Welsh Wednesdays Interview with Will Macmillan Jones


fwrness 2As some of you may know, this coming Saturday I’ll be at the Llandeilo Book Fair. Who better to feature on the Welsh Wednesdays series today than one of the participating authors: Will MacMillan Jones. Welcome to Welsh Wednesdays and thank you for participating.

First up, please tell us about your connection to Wales.

Hi Christoph, thanks for inviting me along. I’ve lived in Wales for almost twenty years now, and couldn’t be happier being here. I’ve always felt drawn to this wonderful land of myth and magic (and beer) since I was a child, and living here is almost like living in a dream. Everywhere you turn are more tales, more legends; cunning and deceitful fae, witches of various persuasions, and almost every lake has a resident Lady blessed with magical powers. Oh and dragons. I’m a fantasy writer – where else in the UK could I want to…

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