The Run Begins by J. Frank James

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The Run Begins

I hadn’t heard of the Lou Malloy series of books by J. Frank James until I was approached by Book Publicity Services introducing The Run Begins, the prequel to the other books, to see if I would be interested in reading it and giving an honest review. Having read The Run Begins I had questions for J. Frank James which he kindly agreed to answer.

The Run Begins

Only 52 pages in length, The Run Begins reveals how Malloy came to live the life of adventure and crime that has spanned 7 books so far.

In this peek into the past, Lou Malloy is 18 years old and ready to take on the world. While his family is readying themselves for a big move to Florida, Lou decides that Florida is not where his fate lies and hops on the nearest boxcar to seek his fortune elsewhere.  When he…

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