Just an Odd Job Girl Serialisation – Chapter Fourteen – School Cook

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Jus an Odd Job Girl

Where we left off.. Imogen decided that a makeover was in order and headed off to the centre of London to be renovated.. She also shared the story of her friend who had an interesting experience when buying a car…….

Chapter Fourteen – School Cook

Miss Mayhew was a rather tall, angular, woman of indeterminate age. Her grey hair was pulled into a bun at the back of her head and metal rimmed glasses perched on the end of a beaky nose. For the entire six weeks that I worked at the school, I racked my brains to discover whom it was she reminded me of. It actually came to me some years later when I was on holiday in Malta and toured the film village where they had made Popeye. I was suddenly confronted with large, cardboard cut-out of Miss Mayhew in the disguise of Olive Oyl.

The school…

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