4 thoughts on “Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT THE PLAYGROUND by C.S Boyack @virgilante #Fantasy #Thriller

    • Hi Debby. how kind of you to ask I’ve totally lost our holiday apartment letting website. And I’ve found a way to use my old website and copying and pasting onto the latest version of my website: https://judithbarrowblog.com/. It’s not ideal but for now, with such little free time, it’ll do. Which is fortunate because I’m interviewing all the authors who will be at the Tenby Book fair that I organise, on my page.
      I haven’t seen you much around when I’ve been on social media – are you writing more these days? Jx

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      • Hi Judith. That is awful about your holiday website. Did this have anything to do with Windows 10 forcing itself on you? I posted an article about that last week if so.
        And you’re right. I haven’t been on FB much, and behind in blogs again, lol. Yes, I’m happy to say I’m working on rewrites for my newest book! Isn’t it funny when we notice certain blogger/writers on SM less frequent, we automatically assume they are ‘down to business’ which is often true. Then if too much time passes and I notice someone is M.I.A. for too long I begin to worry if they are alright.
        So thanks for asking, and sorry if I blabbed on. 🙂 xo


      • No, not blabbing at all, Debby. I’m glad you got in touch- and you’re right, we soon notice if someone is M.I.A. (love that!)
        I did download Windows 10 and then got rid of it. I just couldn’t fathom it to work with. I’ll check out your post. Thank you.Jx

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