The Saturday Round Up – Fantasy, Food, Fantastic writers and some good jazz.

Anyone who has had contact with Sally over the years will know how much time and effort she puts into author promotions – for nothing; no fee, no personal gain. I think most of us who have benefited from her generosity have tried to reciprocate, even if it’s only re blogging or sharing her posts about other authors/artists/bloggers. I have to admit I was taken aback to read that some people didn’t even bother to acknowledge what she’d done for them. It must have taken a lot for her to even mention what is a total lack of manners. I must be one of many who realise how hard she works and value everything she does. Where would we be without such people as Sally to help us spread the word about our work. And I hope those authors who demanded a Five Star Treatment have the good grace to feel a some remorse.. They’ve missed out on having a good friend.

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