Is Scathing Acceptable?

A post that all reviewers should read, I think. One of the first handouts I give to new students is on constructive criticism. Trashing someone’s work is both cruel and unnecessary.The good and not so good points in a book should be balanced – and kindly written or said.

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I have joined a lot of book groups on Facebook over the years and really enjoy reading feedback from readers about books I am reading, will read or I am on the fence about reading. Being part of such groups is fun because we are all different when it comes to reading preferences and like any self-respecting bibliophile I am always on the look out for more titles to read despite having towering to-be-read pillars of books by my bedside.

It’s not at all unusual to read posts about how a book just does not appeal or a reader is finding it difficult to get into a book. In fact, helpful tips, such as reading the first hundred pages before you decide the book really isn’t for you, are thankfully plenty. The groups also heavily recommend books and are probably my primary resource for searching out good titles to add…

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2 thoughts on “Is Scathing Acceptable?

  1. When I read a wholly negative review I often wonder whether the reviewer has ever put pen to paper or, in these days fingers to keyboard and produced a work of their own. In many instances the answer is no. Writing is not an easy occupation and while criticism is, of course legitimate, wholly negative comments are very rarely (if ever) justified. Having said that there are a minority of authors who react in an over the top manner to any criticism however fairly (and kindly) expressed. Kevin


    • Well said, Kevin. And I agree about some authors overreacting; I once saw a litany of abuse between an author and a reviewer that went on all day. I’m sure it did the writer no good at all. I never comment on reviews on Amazon, though I always thank anyone who posts a review on their blog. judith

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