Welsh Wednesdays: Today With Sharon Tregenza / re-blog from Judith Barrow


Source: Today With Sharon Tregenza | Judith Barrow

Today I’m nattering with one of my oldest and dearest friends, award winning children’s’ author,Sharon Tregenza.

SHARON TREGENZA -PROFILE 2Hi Sharon, come into my parlour, said the spider … and all that!!

Hmm. I think it’s good to be here. (She is laughing, folks. Honest)

 Yes, sorry about that. Just getting into the mood for chatting about children’s books. So, first question. (as if I haven’t already let the cat out of the bag), What kind of writing do you do?

I write for children – mostly mysteries with a touch of magic. I’m working on a Picture Book at the moment, though

Why did you choose to write in your particular genre.

I didn’t, really. It chose me. I was living in the Middle East and got to know a group of writers. Through them I met the editor of a children’s magazine and she asked…

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