Review / New Release: “The Unravelling” by Thorne Moore

This is one wonderful read from Thorne Moore. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Great review, Christoph.


30632748The novel starts with an ominous and symbolic instant that triggers the unravelling of the past and – eventually also – the present for our heroine Karen. A brief mental flash sends her back twelve years, into the world of her childhood with female rivalries, pecking order and admiration for the powerful Serena.
A strong disturbance from this memory leads Karen to go on the hunt for a memory that seems suppressed – but it is a tough undertaking.
The story moves at a fast pace with excellently executed chilling, psychological suspense. Observing our main character at different times, at different ages, was particularly enjoyable. The peer pressure, the cruelty of children and the politics between ten year olds, the mind games and the difficulties to navigate them sane and unharmed are perfectly portrayed. The far reaching consequences that this can have , long into adult life, and the grey…

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