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We’ve met all twenty-seven authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair,, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival 

There are many genres and many books to browse over. And twenty-seven authors to chat to about their writing. The winners of the three writing competitions will be announced on the day and the prizes given.

 And just a word of thanks here to the three publisher who will be donating the prizes:  A collection of  their books for the Children’s competition.   Cambria Publishing Co-operative  is sponsoring the YA Flash Fiction prizes and  also a collection of their books for the Adult Short Story Cpompetition 

In the next week or so I’ll be showcasing all three publishers who will be also giving short talks at the Book Fair:, and

And I’ll be sharing a post from the brilliant Who always video and share our Tenby Book Fair.

Please feel free to check out all our authors and their great books. 

Rebecca Bryn:, Thorne Moore:  Matt Johnson: , Christoph Fischer: , Sally Spedding:, Wendy Steele: ,Kathy MIles: , Graham Watkins: , Carol Lovekin:, Colin R Parsons: , Lisa Shambrook:  ,Alex Martin: ,  Judith Arnopp: , Sharon Tregenza:    Juliet Greenwood: , Nigel Williams: , Julie McGowan: , John Nicholl:  ,Tony Riches:  ,Wendy White:  ,Angela Fish:  David Thorpe: , Eloise William: , Phil Carradice: , Jo Haammond:  and Sharon Jones: .And thanks to Thorne Moore for interviewing me: 

Today, it’s the first of the publishers:Gwasg Honno/Honno Press:

No interview, just a straightforward introduction.

Gwasg Honno/Honno Press is an independent women’s press based in Aberystwyth. Honno is currently celebrating its thirtieth year, making it the longest standing independent women’s press in the UK. Honno was founded around a kitchen table with the aim of bringing forgotten women’s writing from Wales back into print. Welsh language publishing in Wales has always been a strength, but often Welsh women’s writing, particularly from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, was often in English and fell out of print. To raise funds shares in a non-profit mutual and provident society were issued and Honno Press began to publish in earnest. In subsequent years, Arts Council and then government funding through the Welsh Books Council allowed Honno to publish contemporary fiction alongside the Welsh Women’s Classics. Today the press issues seven to ten new titles a year, including Welsh and English language classics. Honno titles have had mainstream success in the bestseller lists and elsewhere – Thorne Moore’s A Time for Silence top ten ebook in the Bookseller – Lindsay Ashford’s The Mysterious Death of Miss Austen adapted for radio and television – Kitty Sewell’s The Icetrap sold in the US and translated in to 7+ foreign languages and shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year, winning the reader’s award… just to name a few accolades.

Caroline Oakley, Honno’s publisher who will be appearing at the Tenby Bookfair said: ‘Honno’s continued success in a cut throat business testifies to the strength and breadth of women’s writing in Wales and the support from readers in and beyond Wales. Honno operates an open commissioning policy and is happy to mentor women from their first attempts at writing to bestsellerdom. There’s nothing more satisfying than working on writing, marketing and publishing with an author who will bring pleasure to readers everywhere.

 Find Honno and all their authors’ books at:





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