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We’ve met all twenty-seven authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair,, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival 

There are many genres and many books to browse over. And twenty-seven authors to chat to about their writing. The winners of the three writing competitions will be announced on the day and the prizes given.

 And just a word of thanks here to the three publisher who will be donating the prizes:  A collection of  their books for the Children’s competition.   Cambria Publishing Co-operative  is sponsoring the YA Flash Fiction prizes and  also a collection of their books for the Adult Short Story Competition 

Please feel free to check out all our authors and their great books. 

Rebecca Bryn:, Thorne Moore:  Matt Johnson: , Christoph Fischer: , Sally Spedding:, Wendy Steele: ,Kathy MIles: , Graham Watkins: , Carol Lovekin:, Colin R Parsons: , Lisa Shambrook:  ,Alex Martin: ,  Judith Arnopp: , Sharon Tregenza:    Juliet Greenwood: , Nigel Williams: , Julie McGowan: , John Nicholl:  ,Tony Riches:  ,Wendy White:  ,Angela Fish:  David Thorpe: , Eloise William: , Phil Carradice: , Jo Haammond:  and Sharon Jones: .And thanks to Thorne Moore for interviewing me: 

I’ve showcased two of the three publishers who will be with us.  (Still waiting for  Cambria Publishing Co-operative ) All three will be happy to chat with anyone during the book fair and each will be giving short talks to prospective/ future/ authors and anyone interested in the process of getting published. The room they’ll be in is only small so it will be on a first come first served, I’m afraid. If you want to book a ‘free’ place please contact me: Thanks.

We’ve already had an introduction to the publishers:Gwasg Honno/HonnoPress: and to FireflyPress:

Today I’m introducing the brilliant who always videos and shares our Tenby Book Fair.



Here we go:  was originally called VideoMajic TV and was the brainchild of John Rolls. He had the idea of starting an internet television channel, based in Pembrokeshire but watchable by anyone with a computer, anywhere in the world. John,  a pint-sized powerhouse, whose tiny stature belies his gargantuan personality, has a background in both entertainment and computers. He is backed by admin staff, editors, computer experts and filmmakers in the studios and edit suite. This technical support leaves John firmly behind the scenes to run the business side of things.

VideoMajic was rebranded to reflect the showbiz and entertainment aspect, and of course the Cleddau River, from whose banks they are broadcasting!

Their aim is to reflect the people, businesses and interests of Pembrokeshire but also to entertain viewers from all over Wales (and, hopefully bring Pembrokeshire to  ‘The World!’).

Showboat TV broadcasts a variety of videos but mostly they are the original programmes either on location (they cover many, many local events) or made in the studio.  The studio-based shows include the extremely popular music show Inside Notes with BB Skone and Booksmart, in which authors are interviewed. As they network these have lead to others; for example Booksmart has spawned Booksmart Bitesize. The local location videos, such as those filmed at our own Tenby Book Fairs, have led to Showboat covering further afield musical events, shows and  book fairs.

One of their most popular shows is Brian On, in which the eponymous Brian gives his jaundiced, and frequently hilarious, views on the burning questions of the day.  This carries a disclaimer that the views expressed are not necessarily those of the management….. or even of Brian!  Somewhat bizarrely, Brian has quite a following in Japan!

Showboat TV makes its income from on-site advertising.  Adverts are shown alongside the programmes; these can feature local businesses and services, or one-off events.  Of course, if an author or musician is interviewed, they will be able to draw attention to their latest project – just how it works on mainstream TV chat shows. It’s a lucrative and valuable source of publicity for anyone – (I can say this as one who has benefitted!!) For those interested, the advertising rates are very wallet and purse friendly, and details are available on their website  They are currently reaching about 160,000 viewers per month…. which is 160,000 potential customers for your business!

They are a friendly bunch at They encourage anyone to visit their studios and have a chat and a look around (Any excuse to put the kettle on, they say). They welcome people who want to get involved, whether it’s with an idea for something to film, or wanting to appear in front of the cameras. 

Go on, give them a call on 01646 621775, or drop them an email on You won’t regret it.

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