Mention in Dispatches – Netherlands waterways, Facebook Woes and some verse

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mention in dispatches

Welcome to this week’s Mention in Dispatches and my selection of blog posts that I have read this week that I would like to recommend to you.

Also last week I mentioned that I would be delighted to feature any recommended blog posts that you have found during the week and today I am sharing the selection of Bill Hayes and Skilbey.

First let’s meet Valerie Poore of River Girl Blog who was recommended by Bill Hayes.


Val was born in England but then lived in South Africa for almost 20 years before moving to the Netherlands. She lives on an historic river barge and as well as spending time on the water, she also teaches English for business and academic purposes. Val has written six books and working on her 7th.

Here is the blog post that Bill Hayes has recommended :

Here are Valerie’s books


You can…

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