7 recycling tips for bloggers – make the most of your writing

A very useful post from Sue

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


There are still posts on my blog from the very earliest days of its existence, when no-one read a thing I had written, no-one even knew it was there and, to be fair,  there really wasn’t anything worth reading.  I was taking my first baby steps out into the blogging world and hadn’t a clue about how it worked. The first year, three posts went out… and… wait for the drum roll… five people I didn’t know ‘liked’ them! Five! Whoo-hoo! That was the most fabulous feeling!

The following year, when I started writing of past events, sharing old journals, just as they had been written lots of people started reading! I had several views!

That was it…. I was a blogger.

I started writing in earnest. The stats page became a fascinating and gratifying place to wander… for a little while. ‘Several’ became double, then triple figures every week…

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