Mystery Mondays Review: “Malediction” by Sally Spedding


31z86un1tcl-_sx332_bo1204203200_Intrigue and mystery set in France. Colette Bataille, a single mother, falls desperately in love with the charismatic and handsome Father Jean Baptiste who grips her into a mystical hold. But she soon finds he is no ordinary Catholic priest. As she starts to investigate the past of this fallen man, her son dies. Colette suspects he has been murdered. She steps up her investigations only to uncover a group of dangerous collaborators. Can she escape this world of deceit and get the revenge she craves? This is a stunning book with vivid characters and a gripping story.

My review:

I was not remotely prepared for what the book had in store for me. From the very first scene we have a very powerful and very graphic story about sexual escapades and corruption in the Catholic Church, yet we also get a compelling read through and through. How does she…

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