Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest Sue Vincent – Short Story – Christmas Lights

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christmas party

My guest to the party is an author, poet and blogger who fascinates us with stories of ancient Britain and spiritual markers on our landscape left behind by our ancestors.. and then she will allow her co-author Ani.. a small black dog to take over for the day and teach us humans some manners.  More about both of them later. But first a poignant short story… Christmas Lights by Sue Vincent.


Christmas Lights – Sue Vincent

“I must be mad.” A wry smile played amongst the wrinkles as she heaved the top half of the faded tree into place. Not a large tree… about the same height as its owner. Taller, probably, these days, she thought. She had always struggled with the damned thing. Why today? She cursed herself for an idiot, laughed at herself… a fine picture in her nightie putting up a Christmas tree no-one would see. Except…

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