Smorgasbord Christmas Party – Guest Phillip T. Stephens with A Christmas Carol: The Sequel

Sally’s party is in full flow! Smorgasbord Christmas Party with guest Phillip T. Stephens and his A Christmas Carol: The Sequel

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Smorgasbord Christmas Party

My guest, Phillip T. Stephens, was also here earlier in the party with a very informative and important message about adopting a kitten at this time of year.

He is now back with a short story……

A Christmas Carol: The Sequel by Phillip T. Stephens

The money came pouring in last year. We weren’t rich, but for the first time in three years both my wife and I worked all twelve months, she got a raise and I made twice what I made the previous four years put together.

Let me put it this way: we gave the nineteen-inch TV and our old blu-ray to my son, bought a 4k 3D blu-ray player, a 65-inch HDTV, a stereo surround sound system, another HDTV for the bedroom, and an iMac. Even an X-Box with enough games to keep Bryan in his room for most of the summer. A new microwave, some furniture….


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