Book Review Challenge Series – The Importance Of Book Reviews By Terry Tyler

I’m in a thoughtful mood at the moment; not sure which way to go with my blog posts. I have written my ‘wish list’ on how I would like it to go in 2017 here: Rose’s interview with Terry Tyler (and accompanying links to other reviewers)has given me some idea. I missed all these interviews -for personal reasons I was offline – but they are well worth another read.. Please note Rosie’s comment at the end of the posts, “All books have now been sent out and the book requests are now closed.” But there are many more authors waiting for reviews and a chance for potential new reviewers to join #RBRT

Rosie Amber

Day 3

Today our guest is fabulous author Terry Tyler. I’ve challenged Terry to talk about the importance of book reviews as an author. Plus we’ll look at Goodreads and should you write a Bad Book Review?


Over to you Terry.

1)      How important are book reviews for an author?

 Hugely, massively! The more the better. Doesn’t even matter if some aren’t that complimentary; they show potential readers that the book has provoked interest sufficient for people to want to write about it. It doesn’t matter if some of the reviews are only a couple of lines long, either.

 2) What are the top sites for book reviews?

I’m sorry, I don’t know! I only know about the few on which I’ve appeared regularly, which, apart from yours, are A Woman’s Wisdom, Once Upon A Book Blog, Jera’s Jamboree, Me My Books and I, Kerry’s Reviews Blog, A Lover Of…

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