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Book Description:

Your weekly guide for happiness! Designed to give you a weekly boost of motivation, this sixty-four page guidebook will offer you a positive dose of inspiration throughout the year. Listen to your inner voice, pick a page, and then take meaning from the message you receive


My Review:

This little gem dropped through my letterbox a couple of days ago. After a  difficult 2016, I decided that I needed to take myself in hand in various ways: to stop worrying about trivialities, exercise in a different way (I walk quite a bit but need something else as well), organise my writing life, and to be more positive..

Far from being didactic or moralising, Motivate Me! only suggests fifty-two ideas that could  make a positive difference to how you feel about yourself, your life, your decisions.

Indeed the author writes at the front of the book that “…the oracle guidebook was designed for entertainment purposes…” but that the reader does need “to be willing to trust in its potential.”

 With that in mind I thought of a relationship issue that has plagued me over the last months; something I have been trying to resolve. I decided to act on one of the suggestions from Shelley Wilson; on how to use the book, and I opened it at a random page. This is what I read:

“The time isn’t the moment. Wait a while; review your thoughts and actions. come back to it later in the year.”

Good enough for me at the moment!

Love the cover, by the way.

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13 thoughts on “My Review of Motivate Me! by Shelley Wilson #Health #TuesdayBookBlog

  1. How lovely that the book gave you a working answer, now you can concentrate on “you” and in a years time the issue might not be a problem at all, or you will both be in a better position to handle it. Take care.


  2. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for this great review, Judith. I’ve had so many messages from people who have been using the book weekly (some every day!) and loving how insightful the message is for them. Thank you x


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