Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 28th January 2017 – Barking Mad, Furry Dudes, Writing conference, Writing flow and Beta Readers

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Smorgasbord Blogger DailyWelcome to today’s Blogger Daily.. from the various historical references to being a little crazy, Furry Dudes being interviewed, writing conferences, constructive distractions and Beta Readers.

Thomas the Rhymer

Paul Andruss has an eclectic blog where you will find Irish and Greek legends side by side with introductions to people in history you might think had a fleeting role but didn’t.. We are very PC these days and you are encouraged not to refer to those of us who appear a little ‘odd’ or ‘crazy’ in public.. One of the expressions that I grew up with.. was ‘Barking Mad’  and in this post, Paul explores the various expressions used to identify ‘crazy’

Are you Barking Mad?

Barking is an east London suburb about 9 miles from the city centre along the River Thames. It originated as an Anglo-Saxon village in Essex – the land of the East Saxons. As ‘C’ was pronounced ‘K’…

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