Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Helen Jones and Balroop Singh

More Smorgasbord Book Promotions from Sally – Air Your Reviews – Helen Jones and Balroop Singh

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Welcome to the place where you can share your latest excellent review.. I do go review hunting regularly throughout the week on both Amazon and Goodreads, primarily for the authors who are on the bookshelves of the Cafe and Bookstore. However, this promotion is open to any author..

So head over to your accounts on Amazon and Goodreads and check to see if you have a review that has been posted in the last three months that you can share to give your book a little spring boost.  All it will take is a few minutes of your time and an email with a little bit about yourself (if we have not already met) and the link to your book account. As the Meerkats would say.. Simplezk…

First review today is for Helen Jones and her book, A Thousand Rooms, that we featured here late last year.

About A…

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