Smorgasbord Reblog – The other Inconspicuous form of Bullying – Emotional Bullying

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This is an important post from Debby Gies about the often subtle but deadly form of bullying.. Emotional manipulation can be devastating and some times you can be unaware that someone is actually taking their own inadequacies out on you.

We’ve all heard stories about bullying, It happens in homes, schools, and on the internet. But what about a form of bullying in our every day lives we may be experiencing ? Often these symptoms aren’t recognized or more often, not even considered a form of bullying.

This often deceptive hidden form of bullying can occur through the way some people interact with friends or loved ones. When people talk down to others, making them feel insignificant, threatened or forced to abide by what is being directed at them, that is bullying.

Is there anyone in your life that responds to a heartfelt request from you with assertion or aggression…

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8 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Reblog – The other Inconspicuous form of Bullying – Emotional Bullying

    • A pleasure, Debby. I worked for the miltary for years as a civil servant in an office of my own. A new major came into post. If anyone came into my office, for whatever reason, he used to call out,” gossiping again, Mrs Barrow.” He once told me I’d fastened papers together wrongly;I had to staple the minutes of meetings “at an angle of forty-five degrees as far as possible in the top left hand corner.” I’ve always been a strong person but after two years of this kind of behaviour I had a breakdown. So more power to your elbow on this post, my lovely friend.xx

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      • It’s astounding to hear these types of stories about how people in authoritative positions love to lord their power over others. Much like the customs agents at the borders intimidating innocent travelers. We must not remain shrinking violets. ❤ xo


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