Smorgasbord Invitation to End of Summer Party 26th-28th August – Let’s Dance with Paul Andruss

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On hearing that I was holding my end of summer party at the weekend here on Smorgasbord, Paul Andruss donned his dancing shoes and volunteered some suggestions for music that we might play. As always with Paul you get a lot more that you bargained for and in this post we are warned about the dangers of getting carried away with the conga….

It’s a Party: Let’s Dance by Paul Andruss

Everyone likes to dance at parties, but, believe me you might not be too keen on joining this line dance. Peter Gabriel’s Moribund the Burgermeister tells of the sinister outbreaks of dancing manias afflicting Europe during the Middle-Ages, often between bouts of the Black Death. These dancing plagues were named St Vitus’ or St John’s Dance as they were believed to be curses sent by those respective saints.

People, sometimes even one person, would start dancing erratically. Soon, others…

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