Narberth’s Book Fair

A brilliant accolade from Lorraine. Thorne Moore (who has put together our wonderful website/leaflets/posters and done a thousand and one other things) and I are keeping fingers crossed for a great day for all our authors.

Lorraine Ambers

It’s only a week until this year’s event and I’m looking forward to immersing myself into as many workshops as I can.

Its lovely seeing familiar faces at these event. Making contacts and even friends. I’m particularly interested in – ‘Fear is the Key’: creating the darkest places for the darkest hearts. Sally Spedding, author of How to Write a Chiller Thriller, leads you through the secrets of writing horror, crime and dark fiction.


The wonderful author Judith Barrow is organising this year’s event, so in her words, this is what it’s all about.

With forty authors taking part, there will be many genres for both adults and children. There will be talks an writing and books, creative writing workshops for adults  workshops & talks and fun workshops for children, activities for the children  Children’s Page and a fun book trail through Narberth, the gorgeous little market…

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