A Hundred Tiny Threads

My thanks to Steve for this wonderful post – so grateful for the support of a fellow author.

Beyond The Pyre

Isn’t it wonderful when a friend tells you about their success? Judith Barrow told me about hers today with her novel, ‘A Hundred Tiny Threads’ and how it is book of the month for January 2018 in Wales. What a great start to the New Year.
“Judith has lived in Pembrokeshire for thirty years. She is the author of three novels, and has published poetry and short fiction, winning several poetry competitions, as well as writing three children’s books and a play performed at the Dylan Thomas Centre. Judith grew up in the Pennines, has degrees in literature and creative writing and makes regular appearances at literary festivals.”
A Hundred Tiny Threads is a gritty family saga set in Lancashire in the 1900s and Ireland at the time of the ‘Black and Tans’. This is the prequel to the Howarth family saga of three titles (Pattern of Shadows

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8 thoughts on “A Hundred Tiny Threads

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  2. I’m thrilled for you, Judith. It’s exciting to have one’s book honored as book of the month in a club or on a website, but you captured an entire country! And the review is terrific. I left this comment on Steve’s blog: ‘This review has wide appeal and will be especially magnetic to those with a keen interest in the genre.’ Congratulations, my friend! ❤

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