Staying in with Judith Barrow

A great night in with Linda

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I’m absolutely delighted to welcome Judith Barrow to Linda’s Book Bag to stay in with me today and tell us all about A Hundred Tiny Threads. I reviewed this wonderful book here on the blog and have also been privileged to interview Judith in a post you’ll find here when Changing Patterns was released. There’s also information about Judith’s Living in the Shadowshere.

If you’re an author who’d also like to stay in with me and tell me about one of your books, please click here for more details.

Staying in with Judith Barrow

Welcome back to Linda’s Book Bag Judith. Thank you for agreeing to stay in with me.

Thank you for inviting me, Linda, It’s always good to have a night in with a friend.

It is indeed. So, tell me, Judith, which of your books have you brought along to share this evening and why…

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4 thoughts on “Staying in with Judith Barrow

    • Love a good singsong!! It was a last gasp,David, before I collapsed into bed. But two hours later I was up again and writing. Grandson says i’m a perpetual student turning nights into day and vice versa. LOL. Off to classes now – no doubt I shall be having a short nap this afternoon.Thanks for dropping by- hope you’re feeling a little better these days.xx

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