Do you care?

Something we all need to care about.

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I wandered through into the kitchen, snuggled in my dressing gown, to boil my own kettle for my second coffee of the day… an unaccustomed luxury. I am usually at work by that time, dragged reluctantly from sleep by the alarm clock, woken by the cold pre-dawn walk with the dog and, seven days a week, drink my second cup of coffee perched on the end of my son’s bed. Last night, I had dressed and driven back to work when I should have been on my way to bed. Tomorrow, I will be at work before dawn. These things happen in my job. While my son, quite rightly, objects to me calling him ‘work’, he is, after all, both my job and my employer (and it is better than some of the things I have called him…).

It has been a while since I wrote about being a carer……

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8 thoughts on “Do you care?

  1. I loved this.

    Too many Carers are left without support as it’s sometimes regarded as a given duty by families to take care of those we love and some may feel they aren’t worthy or don’t want others to know what they are dealing with.

    I too am a carer of two Autistic sons along with my other children and also work full time. We often just ‘get on with things’ in life and don’t want to admit we need help and support from others as we are meant to cope…. because we are family.

    When the door closes to the outside world, sometimes the weight of that world can push down on your shoulders.
    Envy or jealousy of others,.. Why me? If only … What if … but the biggest of all, who will care when I am gone. As a carer we need to push all these thoughts straight out of our minds as life is too short and we have to live our lives to the happiest and fullest we can for us and our loved ones.

    I think more needs to be done to find these hidden Carers and give them the support and social outlet they may need xx 😘


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