Bringing sunshine to storms…

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What weather we’ve seen in England recently. I feel so sorry for those affected by floods. How miserable.

I’ve been sheltering indoors, listening to the wind sweeping in from the sea, buffeting our house. But I’ve been getting into my next Italian novel, researching about the brave women resistance fighters of Italy and trying not to weigh down my new story with great wodges of information.

I’m also preparing for February 25th –  publication day for my second novel with Bookouture. The Tuscan Girl

The Tuscan Girl cover

On March 10th, my first “baby, The Tuscan Secret ,will be published in HUNGARY 🙂 . The cover is quite different from the English language version: rather whimsical, I think.  But, I like it and it is all very exciting to me. I wish I had some Hungarian friends. Maybe my book will find me some. Fingers crossed!


Last week started well, with a dose of…

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