Interview with Judith Barrow, author of The Memory

Juliet Greenwood

Interview with Judith Barrow

Author of

The Memory,

Published by Honno Press


Today I’d like to welcome to the blog Judith Barrow, whose new novel ‘The Memory’ is published by Honno Press on Thursday March 19th 2020. I’ve loved Judith’s Howarthtrilogy of historical family sagas, so I wanted to ask her about this new departure in her writing.

Many people have asked what was the inspiration for The Memory and my answer is always memories: memories of being a carer for two of my aunts who lived with us, memories of losing a friend in my childhood; a friend who, although at the time I didn’t realise, was a Downs’ Syndrome child. But why I actually started to write the story; a story so different from my other four books, I can’t remember. Because it was something I’d begun years ago and was based around the journal I’d…

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16 thoughts on “Interview with Judith Barrow, author of The Memory

  1. Just read this on Jill’s site and left a comment. Would love to do the coastal walk too – like you’ve I’ve only done some sections around St David’s, Non’s Head, Broadhaven. All fabulous


    • Hi Debby, thank you so much for your comment. It is but it’s not totally set up – i’m still in the process and there wre pages still to complete – I’m very slow on technology. haha. Much love and thanks again xx

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      • Ah, thank you so much, Maretha. I do hope you enjoy it. Being in isolation means we do have a lot of time to read and write, doesn’t it? All will be well in the end, I believe. x

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      • It’s very cold and windy here in Pembrokeshire. But we’ll get out for a brisk walk and then back to writing, I think. Or, as yourself, curl up with a book.. Thank you so much for buying mine, Maretha. x


      • It’s a pleasure, Judith. And Pembrokeshire is on my bucket list for a visit. When one lives in Lancashire, it doesn’t seem that far, but I’ve taught foreign speaking students at school in Gaborone, and my first introduction to Pembrokeshire was via the ponies in the Prasaelie Mountains (sorry can’t remember the spelling). I tried to get us booked in for a few days during last autumn, but still fully booked. Unfortunately, I’m never able to book things long in advance, but will keep on trying. 🙂


      • It is beautiful here, Maretha. We have walked many miles on the coastal path. For some years we summer let our apartment, which is attached to the house – but our daughter came back to live here. Nevertheless we made many friends; our visitors were lovely. I think it will be quite a while before any holidays can be booked again. By the way I Tweeted an interview you gave way back:Interview – Flame and Hope: An African Adventure – Introducing Book One x


      • Oh my goodness, are we talking 2014/15? Just shows how time flies, really … We had a short break last August in Forfar and had the most wonderful memories walking along the high cliffs of Arbroath – reminded me a lot of the many hikes I did as a youngster along the so-called Otter Trail in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. A stiff, crisp breeze can really clear all the cobwebs out of my head, that’s for sure! x


      • Always good to remind readers, I think, Maretha. You do sound to have travelled a great many times to many places. Just had another review – from Sally Cronin – someone whose opinion I value – she’s a wonderful supporter of authors x

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      • Hi Judith, Your book nearly killed me (in a good way) but now I’ve got to write a review and make sure to give it my best. Meanwhile I’ve downloaded two of your books which are on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you have a pleasant, sunny, although be it windy day down in Pembrokeshire. 🙂


      • I can’t believe you’ve already read it, Naretha, thank you so much!!. And for the other books. Are you starting with Pattern of Shadows? That’s the first in the trilogy , though they do stand alone, they are of the same family. I am so thrilled you like The Memory. Sunny ans windy , here – went for a walk – should say an isolated walk!! xx


      • Thanks for popping in, Judith. I’ve kind of been a captive audience, having to stay at home. The rest of my family members are working – I work too, but at home and in between the lovely sunshine doing a bit of catchup gardening, I’ve been reading a lot. I’ve finished my review and will post it on amazon today and it should appear on my blog in a day or two, depending how long they drag their heels. Which book should I read first, now? Pattern or Shadows? 🙂


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