The Covenant: The Weaker Vessel

Yet another great post from Thorne. Can’t wait to read The Covenant

Thorne Moore

I write domestic noir. Or is it historical fiction? Or family sagas? Whatever it is, I do like my main characters to be struggling against the odds, which is probably why they have all been women. Because, even today, being a woman gives a character a head start in the “up against it” league. Set a book in the past and they have been so up against it that they might just as well have been trying to swim up Niagara.

The misogyny of the past had many causes – fear of the other, desperation to keep power, Biblical teaching or just animal brutality – but it was pervasive and it reduced women, in the West, to a level of inequality and subservience that we now condemn, with shock and horror, in other cultures.

The lead characters in my more contemporary novels –Shadows, Motherlove, The Unravelling– don’t have…

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6 thoughts on “The Covenant: The Weaker Vessel

  1. As always, a thought-provoking and disturbing exposure of what it really was like to be a woman in those times when her rights were frighteningly few – and those times were shockingly recent. Looking forward to reading The Covenant.


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