Three Items Writers Hate to Write    

Writers nightmare, or not.T A great post from Mae.

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Hi, SEers! Mae here with you today. Thanks for joining me as I ruminate over three items writers hate to write. Seems odd, doesn’t it?

Most of the time, we love to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and let inspiration fly. But, if you’re like me, there are several writing tasks that make you groan. Let’s take a quick look at each.

I love writing the synopsis for my novel—said no author ever.

Exhausted female writer with head down on desk, laptop open, tablet nearby
Well, maybe that’s too harsh. Some authors write the synopsis before the manuscript, so they know exactly what journey their characters are going to take. Not me. For most of us, writing a synopsis after completing a 50K-90K novel is sheer torture. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and admit the mere thought gives me a pounding headache. To make it easier, I keep the following in mind:


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7 thoughts on “Three Items Writers Hate to Write    

  1. So funny, I just read this great article of Mae’s and drafted it to include in my next writer’s tips 🙂 Also., I apologize Judith. I’ve had terrible technical issues. Gone thru 2 laptops and on my old desktop clunker that won’t play nice with WP, won’t let me ‘like’, or even tweet from your page. At least I can comment. Expect another week of it, and if I disappear the clunker has woes too LOL ❤


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