The Covenant: Welsh Gothic

Another great post from Thorne Moore. Her next book, The Covenant, come soon, and available to pre-order.

Thorne Moore

There’s a famous picture, American Gothic, by Grant Wood, which leaves many people smiling (unlike the couple in the picture), but it also leaves them thinking.

Is the grim man holding his pitchfork as a support? Or as a symbol of honest productive work? Or as a weapon to fend off the world.
Is his equally grim daughter standing with him sharing his defiance? Or is he protecting her? Or holding her back, preventing her escape? Is she actually his daughter? Or his wife? His servant? His captive?

I wrote last week about the photographs of Tom Mathias, taken in the early 20th century. One of them, not included in that post, has a special significance for me. It shows a party outing in 1910. At the back of the carriage is a young man, Morgan Mathias. There are plenty of other people in the photograph whose characters…

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7 thoughts on “The Covenant: Welsh Gothic

  1. Thorne brilliantly picks out the complexity of family dynamics in her books and I’m looking forward to seeing how the formal conventions seen in these photos play out in The Covenant. x


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