New Books for 2020

So chuffed to be amongst this wonderful list of authors. Every one a great writer. via @CrimeCymru #books #readingcommunity #readers #BookShelf #newbooks #booksinlockdown #authors #WritingCommunity #writing

Crime Cymru

2020, a year that some people would like to forget – but despite Covid 19 there are reasons to be cheerful, especially in the form of books by our authors that have arrived this year or are in the pipeline.

MARCH saw the publication of The Memory, by Judith Barrow (Honno Press)

Today has been a long time coming. Irene sits at her mother’s side waiting for the right moment, for the point at which she will know she is doing the right thing by Rose.

Rose was Irene’s little sister, an unwanted embarrassment to their mother Lilian but a treasure to Irene. Rose died thirty years ago, when she was eight, and nobody has talked about the circumstances of her death since. But Irene knows what she saw. Over the course of 24 hours their moving and tragic story is revealed – a story of love and duty…

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