Writing a Book Review

Excellent post from Joan Hall on writing reviews. I’n sure many readers are not aware of how important reviews are to an author. As Joan says – “it doesn’t have to be a dissertation -” Just honest!

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Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. Book reviews are something every writer thrives upon. Reviews can make or break a book. And we all know the more reviews, the chances of the book being noticed increases.

Is there a right and a wrong way to write a book review? There are no magic formulas or specific formats to use. Some reviewers include a summary of the book, while others might quote a passage. However, I think we should adhere to a few simple guidelines.

1) It’s natural that our personal preferences influence our reviews. However, if science fiction or romance isn’t your forte, don’t buy books in those genres, then leave negative reviews based on that fact only. The book may be well written, have a captivating storyline, or fantastic world-building.  Leaving a one or two-star review simply because you’re not a fan of a specific genre isn’t fair…

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7 thoughts on “Writing a Book Review

  1. There can’t be a writer out there who doesn’t appreciate the wisdom of this piece! I wish that Amazon made it easier by pointing out that they’ll accept simple ratings for books now.


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