Lit Fest On-line! And it’s free

Thorne Moore

Today, Saturday 16th January, Showboat TV is hosting a live-streaming on-line Literary Festival. There will be interviews with a host of authors, and you can watch for free by linking here:

The short sessions start at 10:30, with Judith Barrow interviewing Angela Johnson, Greg Howes, Alex Craigie, Colin R Parsons (Jake Ridge), Jan Baynham and Jill Barry, and Will Macmillan Smith. At 12:50, if Judith has any voice left, I shall be interviewing her. Gail Williams will talk about editing and proof reading at 1:10, I am on at 1:30, and then I shall be taking over the interviews from Judith, talking to Cheryl Rees Price, Sara Gethin (Wendy White), Angela Fish, Alex Martin, Kate Murray, Helen May Williams and Nicola Dean.

After their interviews, each of the authors will be available to answer questions for a short spell via Zoom (link: and you are…

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