Welsh Murder Book. Thorne Moore

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Hi everyone and thanks for popping by to check this the latest post about Welsh Crime Writers, including writers that choose to set their works in this beautiful land. Today it’s the turn of Thorne Moore to tell us about her Wales, her writing and, finally, her books. Over to you, Thorne.

MY WALES I know Wales has plenty of gritty settings for crime in cities, docks and former mining communities, but my Wales is the relentlessly rural one of North Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. No major towns, let alone cities, no holiday resorts, and the villages are more like hamlets or sometimes just a scattering of farms with a tiny church popping up in the middle of a field. There are no motorways, although there is a one mile stretch of dual carriageway around Cardigan. No major industries anymore, except for tourism and farming. Two trains a day (one in…

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