Welsh Murder Book. GB Williams

Jenny O'Brien HQ

Today on my blog I have the very great pleasure of inviting the fabulous GB Williams to tell us about her Wales, her writing and finally, her books. Over to you, GB.

My Wales

I came to Wales as a short stop off before supposedly taking a year out to go around the world. Then I met this guy.Kept the guy, kissed the travel goodbye. So for me Wales has always been about the people, well one of them anyway. Yes, I married a Welshman and we have two Welsh(ish) kids – well they were never going to be completely free of an English influence with me in the house. I started off in Caerphilly, then we lived a long while just outside Ebbw Vale, and for the last 21 years, we’ve been in Swansea.

I love Swansea, it’s got everything I need shopping wise – or did when we…

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