Judith Barrow – The Heart Stone

‘The Heart Stone’ by Judith Barrow is a historical fiction novel set during World War One and is set in the Mill Towns on the Pennines. I, myself, am from Oldham, which was predominantly once a mill town too, so I did feel a little nostalgic as soon as I read the synopsis and saw that the main character, Jessie, had a trip to Blackpool. My grandmother worked in the mills and Blackpool was the holiday of the year usually during Oldham Wakes, the only time the mills shut for their annual holidays. So I settled down knowing ‘The Heartstone’ would definitely turn back time for me.

Judith Barrow

Sixteen-year-old Jessie watches her friend Arthur marching off to fight in World War One just as they have found their friendship turning to a lot more. Jessie finds herself with a stepfather she both hates and fears due to her mum…

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