Interview with memoir author, Lisa Rose Wright

Having posted Val Poore’s lovely memoir of her gorgeous dog, Sindy:, I thought readers might light an introduction to anomer memoir author.

Marvellous Memoirs: Reviews and links

It’s a long time since I’ve done a weberview, but since this blog is devoted to memoirs, which are about the real lives of real people, I thought it might be fun to invite a few of the authors here to find out what made them start writing their stories and, because I’m nosy, what else makes them tick. To kick off, then, I’ve asked Lisa Rose Wright to join me here. Lisa has written some really lovely, engaging books about her move to Galicia in Spain with her partner (known in the books as S) and about the old country ruin they renovated into a beautiful home. I read and loved Plum, Courgette and Green Been Tart last year and as chance would have it, the sequel, Tomato, Fig and Pumpkin Jelly will be released tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, a book I Beta read and enjoyed hugely. So, as…

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