JUDITH BARROW: The Heart Stone

Thorne Moore

I was fortunate, recently, to be able to interview Judith Barrow on Zoom and thanks to Showboat TV‘s assistance, we recorded it. In case you missed it, here is the transcript.

I am chatting with my friend and fellow author Judith Barrow, who has published five books so far: the Howarth family trilogy with the prequel, A Hundred Tiny Threads, and a more contemporary one, The Memory, which came out last year. Now she has a new novel, The Heart Stone.
So, Judith, tell us about the new book.

It’s an historical family saga, set between 1914 and 1922. It’s a love story, a life story, a bit gritty I’m told, and it’s the story of a young couple who have to grow up very fast in a time of great turmoil. They are Jessie and Arthur, and they are both sixteen when…

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