Confessions Of A Holiday Let – A True Story And Guest Post By Judith Barrow @judithbarrow77

A guest in our Holiday apartment. A post kindly put together by Hugh.

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I’m delighted to welcome Judith Barrow to my blog today, who shares a true story about the perils of holiday letting an apartment.

Having read some of Judith’s other stories of holiday letting, there’s always a humorous side to them which I believe would not only make a fanatics book, but a television comedy show.

Confessions of a Holiday Let – A true story by Judith Barrow

Will Judith’s story have you laughing as much as I did when I read it?


For many years we summer let the apartment which is attached to our house.

We had many visitors from other countries staying in our apartment and shared great times with them.

Couples from the USA, Australia enjoyed barbeques on the lawn; long boozy evenings of wine and slightly burned kebabs and steaks, of tall tales and laughter.

Visits to restaurants with people from France and Italy. Long…

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8 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Holiday Let – A True Story And Guest Post By Judith Barrow @judithbarrow77

    • Geoff, if only my technical skills were up to standard to Indie publish!! But thank you for the suggestion. I’ll write a few more ( from my secret notes in the visitors’ book) and save up to pay a better technical expert person than me. But thank you for the comment.


      • That’s very kind of you, Geoff, very kind. I’ll certainly bear that in mind once I have written a couple more. My only experience of Indie publishing was years ago with Silent Trauma ( not my best work), and I got myself in such a lather, I handed it over to someone and paid a fortune. It did have Footnotes and Endnotes, which complicated things. But I will come back to you sometime, thank you. Never too late to learn new skills, I suppose!! (3


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