8 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Holiday Let – A True Story And Guest Post By Judith Barrow @judithbarrow77

    • Geoff, if only my technical skills were up to standard to Indie publish!! But thank you for the suggestion. I’ll write a few more ( from my secret notes in the visitors’ book) and save up to pay a better technical expert person than me. But thank you for the comment.


      • That’s very kind of you, Geoff, very kind. I’ll certainly bear that in mind once I have written a couple more. My only experience of Indie publishing was years ago with Silent Trauma ( not my best work), and I got myself in such a lather, I handed it over to someone and paid a fortune. It did have Footnotes and Endnotes, which complicated things. But I will come back to you sometime, thank you. Never too late to learn new skills, I suppose!! (3


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