Listen To The Band: The Beatles

Nostalgia. With thanks to Clive.

Take It Easy

I promised you a new occasional series based on music would appear during March, and I’ve just about made it. The idea for this struck me when I was compiling one of my Tuesday Tunes posts. As you will know if you’ve seen any of those, I choose a theme each week and post some tunes which are vaguely related to it, even if just by a word in their title. But there have been many times when I’ve found this a little restrictive: many of the bands and artists I feature have recorded loads more than just the songs I’ve related to my themes, and it seemed a good idea to focus on some of them and share more of their music in dedicated posts. I’ve called this Listen To The Band, but there will also be posts on the music of solo artists too: there are just…

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2 thoughts on “Listen To The Band: The Beatles

  1. It all comes flooding back. I’ve turned into my own grandparents regarding current tastes… Thanks for highlighting this, Judith!


    • Isn’t that awful, Alex… me too (should that be I also?! lol) I couldn’t tell you what is current. Simon and Garfunkel is about as current as I get. And it is absolutely my pleasure – I was transported back in time!! xx


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