Best vacation (n)ever? Tell us and win! #travel #humor @arransoundradio

Fame, glory, free books, and bragging rights! (And a Kindle fire7 Tablet!)

Barb Taub

Calling all writers, vacation lovers, and Arran friends!
Here’s your chance for fame, glory, and a new Kindle fire7 Tablet! Just drop us a note about a holiday memory. It can be a golden childhood recollection, a dream trip, or… the worst trip ever.
Please upload your entry HERE and help support Radio!

One of my vacation memories:

Note from Barb—JohnG on The Write Stuff has a fabulously atmospheric blog about Fingal’s Cavehere today, reminding me of the time….

Okay, so maybe my holidays don’t exactly go according to plan.

In celebration of Child#4 completing her last University exam ever, I had (for me) outdone myself on planning our upcoming Isle of Mull trip—booked a cottage and a boat trip to view Scotland’s Fingal’s Cave, stockpiled trip essentials (dog treats and Starbucks Instant Via coffee), and reserved the car ferry. Best of all, weather reports predicted sunshine for…

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