A Christmas Story by Phil Rowlands

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This year, Santa’s little helpers have been more than generous and we’ve got a bumper crop of wonderful Christmas short stories for you – from the dark to the whimsical and all stops in between. So put your favourite Christmas jumper on, pour yourself a mulled wine, grab a mince pie and sit down for another great criminally festive read.

The one problem is that there are times when it’s Santa’s little helpers who are the ones you have to watch out for, as Phil Rowlands beautifully explains in this seasonal tale of greed and ambition.

I Never Intended to Kill Father Christmas by Phil Rowlands

I never intended to kill Father Christmas.

Believe me!

I am not the most violent of his band of helpers by a long way. I accept that I have my moments, but there are many who are far more cold-blooded, aggressive, and…

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