A Christmas Story by Sally Spedding

Another Christmas short story from a Crime Cymru author. This time… from Sally Spedding.

Crime Cymru

This year, Santa’s little helpers have been more than generous and we’ve got a bumper crop of wonderful Christmas short stories for you – from the dark to the whimsical and all stops in between. So put your favourite Christmas jumper on, pour yourself a mulled wine, grab a mince pie and sit down for another great criminally festive read.

Christmas lunch is arguably the high point of the day, with everyone gathered around the table to share a convivial meal, pigs in blankets, sumptuous afters… Only you might just feel differently after reading today’s chilling short story by Sally Spedding.

Afters by Sally Spedding

Mrs. Hammond, smart in a new tweed suit, pushed her way through the melée of prams and bus queue stragglers, into Snoderton’s local bread shop, where its various Christmas decorations were already in place, and a manufactured tree replete with tiny lights…

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